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If you are looking to buy fat burner supplements online, you may have considered caffeine. Caffeine is often a fundamental ingredient in many fat burner supplements due to its well known effects on lipolysis and thermogenesis. Although it is not considered a stand-alone fat loss product, it is added with other ingredients with the intention of creating synergistic effects to enhance fat loss.

Caffeine casts it’s effects in numerous ways. It effects lipolysis, the breakdown of fats and other lipids, by inhibiting an enzyme allowing HSL to breakdown triglycerides. Moreover, caffeine also increases energy expenditure via the sympathetic nervous system, and in this way, it has been suggested to increase lipolysis. Results from in vitro studies suggest that caffeine works synergistically with the hormone adrenaline in boosting lipolysis. The metabolic effects of caffeine therefore arise from various other mechanisms and is not just the interaction with the sympathetic nervous system.

A recent study explored the origins of the lipolytic effects of caffeine and whether they were caused by lipid oxidation or through the sympathetic nervous system. This crucial piece of information is important for supplement manufacturers who design products based on caffeine’s mode of action with specific attention paid to what ingredients potentiate the effects of fat loss. This study showed that caffeine consumption increased lipid turnover, lipid oxidation and energy expenditure, however the effects were far greater on lipolysis than on energy expenditure. The study concluded that caffeine works through both the nonsympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system. 

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