Anyone training on a consistent basis is interested in one goal, making muscular and strength gains.

Whether an individual is interested in increasing strength, size, power and/or speed, the reason an individual trains, besides the enjoyment of great health and a sense of well-being, is to always make progress.

However, there comes a time when the gains one seeks slowly halt and an individual reaches a plateau. The individual may have experimented with supersets, tri sets, drop sets and even varying rep ranges on occasion, but nothing seems to break the sticking point.

If this is you, you are not alone, what you need is something that shocks the system to reignite the anabolic pathways of muscle growth.

What Exactly are Giant Sets?

You have probably incorporated supersets occasionally, whereby you perform two exercises one-after-another with little rest in-between. After completing both exercises, you take a minimal break.

Alternatively, tri sets increase the intensity by demanding you perform three exercises one-after-another. After the three exercises are completed, you take a break.

Giant sets are in-essence supersets and tri sets taken to another level. When performing a giant set, you are doing a minimum of four exercises one-after-another, before taking a full rest period, followed by 2x circuits. All exercises are targeting one muscle group, subjecting it to an enormous amount of exercise volume and time-under-tension.

It is important to note that giant sets are increasingly demanding on your muscles and cardiovascular conditioning. You have got 2 minutes rest in-between each giant set before you start the next set of exercises targeting various parts of the muscle, ie. upper chest, lower chest and middle chest.

The Benefits of Giant Sets

Giant sets have been popularized by Milos Sarcev and John Meadows. Bigger and more defined muscles are only a few benefits to giant sets.

Benefit One

One distinct advantage to training with giant sets is that it gives you the ability to induce tremendous amounts of of stress on the muscle without having to resort to large amounts of weight.

With giant sets you can decrease the weight, and focus on the form and squeeze since you are subjecting your muscles to an increased number of repetitions before taking a rest period.

Benefit Two

Giant sets provide a huge metabolic advantage. The high training volume, in combination with short resting times, both increase metabolic rate and number of calories burned as compared to regular training, tri sets, supersets, drop-sets and even cardio. As a result giant sets will aid in building larger more defined muscles, in addition to burning fat.

Benefit Three

The final advantage to giant sets is that it allows you to hit a muscle from various angles resulting in a complete and well-rounded workout.

In conclusion, giants sets are good for hypertrophy, conditioning, fat loss and create the ideal environment to annihilate plateaus because of their unique structure.

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