While there is no easy way for weight-loss, the following advice may make your goal easier to achieve.

While quick weight loss can be problematic and may help shed pounds, but also may not be safe or last very long.

Weight-Loss Exercise Tips

Burn more calories/step

Burn around fifteen percent more calories, equal to about 40 calories/hour by adding a slight incline to your regular walk. The more elevated the walk the greater the calories burned at any given speed. For example:

Fifteen percent incline at 4.0 KPH = Seventy-five percent increase in burnt calories.

Ten percent incline at 4.8 KPH = Fifty percent increase in burnt calories.

Pass the Fat-burning Barrier

Burning greater number of total calories at greater intensities which you can sustain also means you will burn more overall fat.

Boost your Maximal Oxygen Uptake

While performing cardio, boost yourself to your VO2 max. This will enable your body to use oxygen more efficiently.

Do Compound Exercises

The ultimate weight-loss exercises work multiple joints and most lower-body exercises are under this category. For example exercises for the legs work three of the large muscle groups: hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. Post workout, your body requires a lot of energy to repair these muscle creating a after-burn effect.

Balancing and Tightening your Abs.

Exercising on a balancing surface will also forces you to engage your core. For example do bicep curls standing on one leg on a stability ball. Another exercise is to begin on the floor in push-up position with your shins placed on-top of the ball and contract your abs lifting your hips slowly rolling the ball forward while keeping your legs straight to form an inverted V performing 2x sets of 20 repetitions.

Squeeze on Each Repetition

Rather than performing three quick strength-training exercises, perform 1 set of ten controlled repetitions in sixty seconds. You are guaranteed to work out the muscles more and use good form while doing so.

Breath Out on Each Repetition

Weight-lifters that exhale on the effort rather than inhale lift more weight on exercises such as hamstring curls, chest flys and tricep extensions. Contracting your ab muscles also when you exhale can engage your core to help you shed extra weight.

Weight-Loss Dieting Suggestions

Keep a food log.

The most successful dieters who have lost ten percent of body weight—spend fifteen minutes a day on journaling. Individuals are more likely to lose weight and keep it off when keeping a record of their dietary intake as well as their activity.


Add extra protein first thing in the day. Individuals who use to skip breakfast skippers and then ate a meal in the morning with a side of yogurt feel fuller.

Drink Coffee

Small amounts of caffeine intake: 1.4 milligrams / pound of body-weight equivalent to about two cups of coffee per day by a 140-pound individual can boost your speed during a cardio session such as running and cycling.

Motivation for Weight-Loss

Sleep more for weight-loss

Getting around six and eight hours of sleep per night can help dieters shed more weight.

Hit the Ground Running

Skip the snooze button and sneak in a morning workout session and you’ll experience the exercise high all day. Researchers have shown that by doing twenty minutes of exercise can give you a feel-good mood lasting up to twelve hours.

Warm up and Stretch

Exercisers who are less-stressed increased their strength by up to twenty-five percent.

Post-workout Pat on the Back

Setting aside some ‘me’ time post-workout can help boost your gains. A post-workout cool-down can leave exercisers with a better mindset for hitting the gym the next day. Also, stretching before heading for the shower, holding each 20 to 30 seconds may also provide mental boost.

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