Things You Must Know about Whey Protein Supplements

Things You Must Know about Whey Protein Supplements Leave a comment

Protein is an important constituent of our diet. It contributes to growth, repair of body cells and tissues, and overall well-being. Our body needs a multitude of proteins for enhanced growth. Nevertheless, before you start taking a protein supplement, it is important to learn about it’s components, roles, and usability for your health. Fantasy Nutrition, a leading sports supplement distributor, offers superior quality whey protein supplements to increase your quality of life and improve your overall well-being. Here is more on this supplement.

Brief Intro to Whey Protein

It is a mixture of proteins isolated from whey – a byproduct obtained while making cheese. The protein has α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin, serum albumin, and immunoglobulins. Cow’s milk has 20% whey and 80% casein. Like wise, the protein in human milk is 60% whey and 40% casein. Before you proceed to buy whey protein powder online, it is wise to learn of all of it’s components, ingredients and benefits.

Commercial Production

Commercially, whey is produced from cow milk. There are four major forms on the composition ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat:

Concentrates (WPC): The protein content is 29%–89%. This whey has a higher ratio of carbohydrates along with some fat compared to the other forms.

Isolates (WPI): The protein content is 90% plus. The fat and carbohydrate elements are skimmed away.

Hydrolysates (WPH): There is not much difference between isolates and hydrolysates in terms of composition, but the WPH is a predigested or hydrolyzed form, and hence it is easy to digest and may cause less allergic reactions.

Health Benefits

Whey helps with increased muscle growth and strength. It may provide better results compared to the other proteins, including casein or soy. The protein is easily digestible, and hence trainers or gym experts highly recommended it. You can buy whey protein powder online, but be sure to order it from an authorized distributor or seller. It is commonly taken with water, milk or other beverages and come in a variety of delicious flavors. Take as recommended and avoid adding sugar to achieve the desired results.

Whey protein supplements are very popular and are growing in popularity amongst sportspersons and those wishing to achieve a toned physique. Fantasy Nutrition, a leading sports supplement distributor, offers whey protein supplements with the best quality and price.

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