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What Are the Best Dietary Supplements for Athletes? Leave a comment

Every athlete strives for an edge over their competition. Along with implementing a daily training/recovery plan, athletes need a comprehensive diet that matches their physical demands. If you too fall in this category and are looking for the best supplements for athletes, here are two reliable choices.

Creatine Powder Supplements

Creatine is a naturally occurring non-protein compound, synthesized primarily in the liver. Why do athletes need an extra dose of it? The reason lies in the critical role of creatine in the re-generation of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate, which is pivotal in the release of energy. 

At peak performance, athletes need it more to make up for their growing demand for energy. There is often a myth that creatine powder consists of a high volume of protein, which is false. Instead, creatine often complements protein supplements and is added as an additional ingredient. At Fantasy Nutrition, you can easily compare the prices and then go on to buy creatine powder supplements online. 

Cytosport Cytomax

Involuntary muscular contraction, also known as convulsive movement, is quite common in athletes, particularly marathoners after exhaustion. It happens because of the shortage of mineral electrolytes in the muscles. Cytosport Cytomax gives your muscles the fuel they need to power through prolonged periods of exercise or activities. It reduces lactic acid buildup, which leads to cramping and muscle fatigue. However, no amount of health supplements can compensate for a good diet that provides everything from carbohydrates, proteins to fats, vitamins and minerals.

To conclude, the diet and supplement requirements vary by the activities you perform. An athlete’s body demands a quick and consistent supply of energy when in action. The two promising dietary supplements for athletes – creatine powder and Cytosport Cytomax are essential in this context. You can always buy them from Fantasy Nutrition.

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